This tour takes you to some of the little visited towns and villages of the Kathmandu valley, which are great places to experience life in the valley the way it has been for the last few hundred years.


– Pick up at your hotel
– Private car or van with driver
– Visit of Kirtipur, Bungamati and Kokhana villages
– Lunch in typical Newari restaurant and Nepali Tea break
– Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour

Brief information about the places we will visit during this tour:

 Kirtipur The village of Kirtipur is located 5 kilometers from Kathmandu and is a beautiful exception in the panorama of Newar settlements on the plateau. It was founded as a military outpost of Patan in the 12th century,then became an independent kingdom and was the last Malla fortress. The town still preserves magnificent examples of carved wooden decorations and brick buildings.

 Bungamati It is a typical Newari village, consisting of simple houses in straw and raw bricks. According to the legend, Bungmati was founded during the 7th century. It is here that Rato Machhendranath , the patron saint of the valley and god of rain and compassion, was born. Rato Machhendranath is likewise adored by both Hindus and Buddhists.

Kokhana The village, located about 8 km from Kathmandu, is considered a “living museum” that recalls the medieval period in which Nepal was ruled by Malla kings. The village begins with a narrow cobbled street. Shortly after is the temple of Shekali Mai , a local mother goddess. A truly timeless place, one of the traditions of the people of this village is to keep the chickens at home. From the windows of the houses hang garlands of chilies. Singular to discover that this was the first Nepalese village to be electrified, even before the city of Kathmandu.


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