The city of Kathmandu, popularly known as City of Temples, is named after a Pagoda located in Durbar called Kaasthamandapa (in Sanskrit kāṣṭh (काष्ठ)”wood” and maṇḍapa (मण्डप)”covered shelter. This unique temple, also known as Maru Satal, was built in Malla period in which the entire structure is made entirely from wood. The legend tells that the timber used in this two story pagoda was obtained from a single tree. The history of Kathmandu dates back to as early as 300 BC.

Travel Information

Kathmandu, also popularly known as Kantipur, is the capital city of Federal Republic of Nepal. The city is part of a big valley surrounded by small mountains and hills. Kathmandu along with her sister cities Patan (Lalitpur) and Bhaktapur is rich in ancient architecture, arts, cultures and tradition. Other places of interest are Dhulikhel, Bungmati, Khokna, and Kirtipur. All these cities can be reached by car easily. There is a possibility of short one-two days trekking tours around Kathmandu as well.