Bhaktapur – A nice stroll in the Middle Ages

Bhaktapur – A nice stroll in the Middle Ages

Me and Manish are very fond of Bhaktapur, the ex-capital of one of the three ancient kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley.

The town is only 16 km far from Kathmandu and you can reach it by local buses, taxis or private cars.

As soon as you enter one of the many entrance doors, after paying the entry fee ($ 15 per person), you feel like being in the Middle Ages.

Its cobbled streets connect a series of temples, among them the Nyatapola, the highest temple in Nepal and one of the best example of Newari traditional architecture, monumental squares and courtyards, while the side streets are dotted with wells, water tanks and monasteries.

bhaktapur durbar square

bhaktapur durbar square

During its heyday, between the 14th and 16th centuries, the town was said to have 172 temples and monasteries, 77 water tanks, 172 shelters for pilgrims and 152 wells.

It is really worth to spend one night in the many nice guesthouses, waking up in the morning and go out for a stroll. This is the right time to enjoy the town and experience scenes of everyday life. You will see Newari women dressed in the traditional saree black and red, called Hakkupatasi, offering rice, fruits, flowers’ petals, and local sweets to the deities of the local temples, Newari farmers selling every kind of vegetables and droves of kids in their colorful uniform going to school.

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Bhaktapur is not only heaven for the eyes but for the taste as well. Don’t leave the town without having savored sikarni, delicious yogurt with sugar, cardamom and nuts, and bara, the Newari lentil pancake.

Bhaktapur ever and ever….

Our suggestions

  • Peacock Guesthouse for a charming night in the town. A 700 years old UNESCO heritage building, where to experience the atmosphere of the old days gone by. 
  • Café Nyatapola for the best sikarni in town.

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