MT KAILASH (6,714 m) is the holiest mountain in TIBET. The grandeur of MT KAILASH can be rivaled by a very few mountains in the world. Situated in the far western corner of the Tibetan plateau, this legendary snow-capped jewel is revered by four different religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism & Bonpo) as one of the most sacred and challenging pilgrimages in the world. Four of the Orient’s greatest rivers; the Brahmaputra, the Sutlej, the Indus & the Karnali originate from and around the MT KAILASH. At the base of the mountain, are two vast lakes, MANASAROVAR & RAKASTAL.

For the Hindus, MT KAILASH is regarded as the earthly manifestation of MT MERU, a spiritual centre of the universe, which is described in the Hindu mythology as a fantastic pillar of 84,000 miles around which everything revolves with its root to the lowest hell and summit touching the heaven. MT KAILASH is itself an abode of LORD SHIVA, lord of the universe, who shares this magnificent mountain with his consort PARVATI. There, at the base, is the sacred LAKE MANASAROVAR, where a single bath offers a pilgrim an easy access to Brahma’s (Hindu god for creation) paradise and a single drink of its holy water wipes out the sins of hundred lifetimes. For the Jains, a religious group in India with many similarities with Buddhism, MT KAILASH is taken as the holy pilgrimage where their first prophet achieved enlightenment.

The 53 km Kailash circuit is the holiest of all Tibet’s pilgrimages and it has been drawing increasing number of travelers from all over the world. It is said that a single Parikarma (circumambulation) erases the accumulated sins of a lifetime, while 108 circumambulations will achieve Salvation or Nirvana.

Holy Manasarovar with a range of Mt Gurlamandhata to its south

The first part of the tour takes you to the border of Tibet & Nepal called Kodari (Nepali side) and Zhangmu (Tibetan side) from where we formally enter Tibet and continue our journey with a highly scenic uphill drive to the high pass called Lalung La (5,050 m). The view of the mighty Mt Cho Oyu (8,201 m) and Mt Xishapagma (8,012 m) from the pass is magnificent. The tour takes all the way to the base of Mt Kailash and also so close to the holy water of Lake Manasarovar. The 3 day long circumambulation (parikrama or kora) of Mt Kailash is although strenuous, but highly rewarding both in terms of sceneries and religious achievements. After the circumambulation, we drive back all the same way to Kathmandu with a lifetime achievement.

Welcome to the holy land of MT KAILASH & MANASROVAR!!




DAY 01

Early morning scenic drive from Kathmandu to Kodari (Nepal-China border point) through the lush green Nepalese mountainous  landscape. After the needful immigration formalities at the Nepalese side at the border point, walk across the Friendship Bridge and again undergo immigration formalities at the Chinese side. Then, take a scenic drive uphill to Zhangmu and to Nyalam through the winding mountainous road. The road condition from the border till Mt kailash is good with new black topping. O/n at  guest house  (153 kms / 6-7 Hrs)

DAY 02

Stay at Nyalam (3750m) for acclimatization . The Group will be taken for a 2-3 hrs walk in Nyalam and around. O/n at guest house.

DAY 03

Take a scenic uphill drive from Nyalam to Saga (4,600 m) by crossing over the LALUNG LA (pass of 5,050 m) from where the incredibly beautiful view of MT CHO OYU (8,201 m) and MT XISHAPAGMA (8,012 m) can be enjoyed. (240 Kms / 6–7 Hrs) .O/n at guest house/camp.

DAY 04

After breakfast, scenic drive to Paryang (4,750m – 255 Kms / 5-6 Hrs) through the beautiful Tibetan landscape being accompanied by the magnificent Himalayan view on your left hand side. O/nt at guest house/camp.

DAY 05

Picturesque drive to MANASAROVAR LAKE (Chui Gompa) (4,560 m – 223 Kms / 5-6 hrs ) by crossing over the MAYUM LA (beautiful pass of 5,225 m). The view of the surroundings from the pass is inexplicable. O/n at guest house by the side of the lake.

DAY 06

AM: Free at Lake Manasarovar for the self exploration including the sunrise over the lake, holy bath in the lake and so on. PM: Drive to Darchen (4,620 m). (40 km / 1 hr). O/n guest house in Darchen.

DAY 07

Drive ahead of Tarboche to the trek starting point of  Kailash kora where there is a beautiful YAMA DWAR.  Most of the pilgrims start their Parikrama (circumambulation: kora in local language) by entering through this spiritual dwar. Start trek to Dhirapuk (4,860m) (5-6 hrs) – O/n at Tented guest house/camp.

DAY 08

Continue trek to Zuthul Puk (4,760m – 18 kms) by crossing over the DROMA LA (5,600 m). Approx 6-7 hrs trek.- O/n at Tented guest house/camp.

DAY 09

Continue trek until mid-day and end Kailash kora (10 kms) approx 3 – 4 hr. Pick up and continue drive back to Paryang (270 Kms / 5-6 Hrs.) by crossing over the MAYUM LA.  O/n at Guest house/camp.

DAY 10

Continue scenic drive back to Saga (255 Kms / 5-6 hrs.) through the typically beautiful Tibetan landscape being accompanied by the Himalayan view on your right hand side this time.  O/n at Guest house/camp.

DAY 11

Continue scenic drive to Nyalam by crossing over the LALUNG LA from where you can again enjoy the magnificent view of MT CHO OYU & MT XISHAPAGMA being beautifully dwarfed by the height of the pass itself. (240 Kms  / 5-6 hr). O/n guest house in Nyalam.

DAY 12

Take a scenic downhill drive to Zhangmu. Every decent keeps on telling you how high Tibetan plateau is in fact. It was wonderfully formed about 60 million years ago. At Zhangmu border point, undergo immigration formalities. Cross the Friendship Bridge and after the border formalities at the Nepalese side again, we meet our guide and vehicle from Nepal and drive back to Kathmandu (5-6 hr) through the lush green Nepalese landscape. Transfer to your hotel.

Location: Tibet
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