Day 01

Arrive in Kathmandu, check into hotel, take a nap and later listen to the story about Spiritual Journey

Day 02

Start the trip by visiting two places.  Pashupati Nath and Patan, visiting these two places you will see and learn what kind of Religion, Culture and tradition people of Nepal follow.

During our visit to the Hindu temple of Pashupati Nath you will learn more about the Hindu religion and also do some meditation in a holy cave with the Hindu guru known as sadhu.   It’s a very secret cave also for Buddhist people; long time ago after spreading Buddhism all over Asia, Buddhist Guru Teropa and Naropa died inside this cave.  Devotees cremate bodies along the sacred river Baghmati.

Patan city is the oldest city in Kathmandu which was founded in 200 BC and in this city you will learn about Nepali history and how the country used to be back in time.

Day 03

Leave Kathmandu to visit two places Namo Buddha and Bhaktpur city.

Namo Buddha is the place where Lord Buddha saw a female tiger which was suffering from hunger, the tiger had a few cubs with her and Lord Buddha fed the Tiger with part of his body so as the tiger cubs don’t die from hunger.  This is a very sacred place for Hindu and Buddhist people.

Bhaktpur city. Everyone who goes to Bhaktpur city feel s very attached to this city. Bhaktpur city has a kind of magic which makes you feel like you are back in sixteen century. Later come back to hotel and have an easy afternoon.

Day 04

Leave hotel to visit two places Dakdhin Kali temple and Rempuche sacred cave.

Dakshin Kali it’s the temple of the Hindu goddess Kali.  In Buddhist philosophy she is also known as Tara.  Kali is the strongest Goddess in Hindu religion and she is also the goddess of Tantric Sadhana, therefore many people go there to sacrifice animals and to make wish.

Later on. Visit the very sacred cave where Buddhist guru Padma sambhava, Guru Rempuche used to meditate.  He died when he was doing meditation inside this cave.  Later come back to the Hotel and stay overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 05

Leave Kathmandu after breakfast for Bandipur.

Bandipur is a one of the most beautiful village in Nepal where you can see how Nepali people live in the villages. Later we will explore Bandipur village by walk. Stay overnight in guest house. It’s a 5 hours ride to Bandipur from Kathmandu.

Day 06

Leave Bandipur after breakfast for Pokhara city also known as the second capital of Nepal and city of lakes.  It’s another three hours ride to Pokhara.  have an easy evening in Pokhara and stay overnight.

Day 07

Wakeup early in the morning to go to Sarangkot to watch a beautiful sunrise through the Annapurna Mountain range. It’s a 40 minutes ride and another 40 minutes hike uphill.  Later come back to the Hotel, take a rest and after breakfast visit few places in Pokhara city: water fall, caves, and a Tibetan refugee camp.

Day 08

Leave hotel after breakfast for a day hike to the Peace Pagoda temple up hill.

Take a boat ride in Fewa Lake for 40 minutes and reach the other side of the Lake, hike up to the Peace Pagoda stupa, then hike down to the other side of Peace Pagoda stupa.  It’s a six hours hike in total and you will hike through the local villages.

Day 09

Leave Pokhara after breakfast for Lumbini.  It’s another 8 hours ride to Lumbini. Arrive in Lumbini, check into the hotel and just have an easy evening.  Stay overnight in Lumbini.

Day 10

Visit few places in Lumbini among which the place where Lord Buddha was born and come back to hotel. Stay overnight in Luimbini.

Day 11

Leave hotel after breakfast to visit the palace called kapil vastu where Lord Buddha has lived his life as a prince for some time when he was known as Shidhartha Gautama. You will visit around the village, do some meditation in the Buddhist monastery with the Buddhist gurus and learn about Buddhist philosophy.

Day 12

Leave Lumbini early in the morning for Kathmandu. It’s a nine hours bus ride. Arrive in Kathmandu and check into hotel. Stay overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 13

Leave Kathmandu for your next destination and take some nice memory of Spiritual Journey trip.

Location: Kathmandu, Pokhara & Lumbini
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