Day 01

Arrive in Kathmandu, check into hotel, take a nap and later listen to the story about Nature walk trip.

Day 02

Leave hotel in a good time to visit three different spiritual and holy places. Pashupati temple, Buddha stupa, and Swayembhu stupa

Pashupati temple is the mekka of Hindu people in Katmandu city and every Hindu has to come to this Pashupati temple to wash all bad karma or bad deeds and devotees cremate bodies along the sacred river Baghmati.

Buddha Stupa is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world.  Many Buddhist pilgrims come to this stupa from all over the world to practice Buddhist philosophy and many Buddhist monks Lamas do their prayers in this stupa every day and burn candles. It’s a mini Tibet in Nepal.

Swayembhu stupa is a very special place for Hindu and Buddhist people in Kathmandu city, because from this stupa our Nepali calendar starts from, and this is the best place to have a wonderful view of Kathmandu city.

Day 03

Leave Kathmandu after breakfast for Pokhara city also known as the second capital of Nepal and city of lakes.  It’s another 6 hours car ride to Pokhara.  Have an easy evening in Pokhara and stay overnight.

Day 04

Visit  few places around Pokhara city and stay overnight in Pokhara.

Day 05

Wake up early in the morning and take a car ride of 2 hours to Naya pull and from Naya pull walk for one hour to Birethanti village.  In Birethanti stop for breakfast and after breakfast leave Birethanti  for Tikhedhunga; it’s another four hours hike little uphill and stop in Tikhedhunga for lunch. After lunch leave Tikhedhunga for Ulleri village and it’s another two and half hours hike uphill.  Ulleri village is 1960 miters high from sea level. Stay overnight in Ulleri village in  a  guest House.

Day 06

Leave Ulleri village after breakfast for Nangethanti village.  It’s a another three hours hike up hill and stop in Nangethanti village for lunch. After lunch start hiking uphill for another 2 hours to Ghorepani village.  Gorepani village is 2874 miters high from sea level.  Stay overnight in Gorepani village Guest House.

Day 07

Wow now it’s  time to do some really good morning hike. Wake up early in the morning and hike uphill to the Pun Hil;  it’s a two hours hike. From Pun Hill you can see a beautiful sunrise through the Annapurna mountain range. Pun Hill is 3210 miters high from sea level. After watching the sunrise come down to Gorepani village and stop for breakfast and then leave Gorepani village for Banthanti village and stop for  lunch. It’s a four hours hike to Banthanti village. After lunch leave Banthanti village for Tadapani village and it’s another three hours hike little uphill. Stay overnight in Tadapani in a guest House. Tadapani village is 2721 miters high from sea level.

Day 08

Wake up in a good time and after breakfast leave Tadapani village for Ghandruk villag.  It’s another four hours hike down and stop in Ghandruk village for lunch.  Put all your bags in the Guest House room and explore Ghandruk village by walk and later come back to Guest House and stay overnight in Ghandruk village. Ghandruk village is 1939 miters high from sea level.

Day 09

Wake up in a good time and after breakfast leave Ghandruk village and hike downhill to Birethanti village.Iit’s another six hours hike downhill, then stop for lunch. After lunch leave Birethanti village for Naya pull. It’s another two hours hike and from Naya pull take a car ride oftwo hours to Pokhara city and stay overnight in Pokhara city.

Day 10

Leave Pokhara for Bandipur village.  It’s a 2 hours car ride.

Bandipur is  one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal where you can see how farmers known as Newari people live in the villages. Later we will explore Bandipur village by walk. Stay overnight in guest house in Bandipur.

Day 11

Leave Bandipur village for Kathmandu. It’s another 4 hours car ride to Kathmandu. Arrive in Kathmandu and stay overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 12

Leave hotel after breakfast to visit  Bhaktpur city.

Bhaktpur city. Everyone who goes to  Bhaktpur city feel s very attached to this city. Bhaktpur city has a kind of magic which makes you feel like you are back in sixteen century. Later come back to hotel and have an easy afternoon.

Day 13

Leave Kathmandu for your next destination and take some nice memory of Nature walk trip.

Location: Nepal
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