Day 01

Arrive in Kathmandu city,  check into the hotel, take a little nap and listen to a short story about Lang Tang Hike trip.

Day 02

Leave Hotel in a  good time to visit three places Pashupati nath temple, Bouddha Nath Stupa, and Patan city.

Pashupati temple is the mekka of Hindu people in Kathmandu city and every Hindu has to come to this Pashupati temple to wash all bad karma or bad deeds.  Devotees cremate bodies along the sacred river Baghmati.

Buddha Stupa is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world.  Many Buddhist pilgrims come to this stupa from all over the world to practice Buddhist philosophy and many Buddhist monks Lamas do their prayers in this stupa every day and burn candles. It’s a mini Tibet in Nepal.

Patan Durbar square is the oldest city in Kathmandu which was founded in 200 BC and in this city you will learn about Nepali history.

Day 03

Wake up early in the morning and take bus ride to Syabru besi (2134m,), arrival in Syabru besi and stay overnight in Syabru besi. It is a eight hours bus ride to Syabru besi  from Kathmandu.

Day 04

Leave Syabru besi after breakfast and start hike up to Ghoretabela and stay overnight in Ghoretabela . Ghoretabela is 3048m high from the sea level and it’s a six hours hike up hill to  Ghoretabela.

Day 05

Leave Ghoretabela after breakfast  and hike up  to Langtang  and stay overnight in Lang Tang. Lang Tang is 3506m  high from the sea level and it’s a another six hours hike to Lang Tang from Ghoretabela.

Day 06

Leave Lang Tang after breakfast and hike up to Kyanjin gompa and stay overnight in Kyanjin gompa.   Kyanjin gompa is 3811m high from  the sea level and it’s a six hours hike to Kyanjin  gompa   from Lang Tang.

Day 07

Spend full day exploring Kyanjin gompa and Langsisha and stay over night

Day 08

Leave  Kyanjin gompa and hike down to Lama Hotel and stay overnight in Lama hotel.  It’s a  five hours hike down.

Day 09

Leave Lama hotel after breakfast and hike to Syabru  and stay overnight in Syabru.  It’s another six hours hike.

Day 10

Leave Syabru after breakfast and hike to Dhunche Bazaar and stay overnight in Dhunche Bazaar.

Day 11

Leave Dhunche Baazar by bus to Kathmandu . It’s  another seven hours bus ride to Kathmandu from Dhunche Bazaar.  Arrival  in Kathmandu and stay overnight  in hotel in Kathmandu.


Free day  for shopping and walking around the interesting streets of Kathmandu.  Stay overnight in  hotel  in Kathmandu.

Day 13

Leave Kathmandu for your next destination and take some nice memory of Lang tang hike trip.

Location: Langtang
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